Glamorina Dolls

About Glamorina Ballerinas

Giggly faces, colorful necklaces, big tutus and cute pointy toe shoes are the hallmarks of a Glamorina Ballerina. They come in four skin tones, any color hair color, bright- or soft- colored tutus and pretty colored ribbon. You can customize or I buy one already made up. They’re all adorable!

africian american glamorina 2
Special order doll I made for a new born baby.
Polky is one half of the Polky and Dotty twins I made for a set of twins
Blonde Glamorina
This is a sweet basic Glamorina. $45.00
Purple Glamorina is my favorite!
Navy Blue and Purple Glamorina $45
africian american glamorina
She’s wearing a black and blue classic plaid with a navy blue tutu. $45
Beautiful orange Glamorina. $45